C2 gantry square

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Squaring your gantry is something that is considered maintenance of your equipment as CNC machines can possibly lose their squareness over time. 

We are able to offer your three options. 

1) Have us come out onsite and complete the procedure for you at a fee. (If this is due to manufacture error/new equipment there will be no fees) 

2) Hire a local automation expert to assist you. 

3) Follow the instructions be

To square your gantry you will need the following tools.

1. dial indicator with magnetic base. Click here
2. Metric Allen Keys.

Gantry squaring 

  1. remove the side covers to expose your Y axis motors. 
  2. power on and home your machine. 
  3. attach the magnetic base to your Z axis head.
  4. adjust the arm on your dial indicator to press gently on the front of your PVC table. ( this area is machined and should be square.) PLEASE NOTE: there is a chance that your machine table has also been knocked out of square if this is the case you will need to purchase or borrow a granite square. If this is the case please follow the instructions bellow marked squaring your Granite square. 
  5. once your indicator has been placed on the front of your machine (or granite square) jog it along the X axis ( left and right) and make note of the distance it travels.
  6. loosen the large Allen bolts going upwards into the bottom of your X axis on both sides.
  7. mark one side of your machine and ensure that the gantry support ( the upright brackets) do not move.
  8. push and pull the opposite side to adjust your square. PLEASE NOTE: you must jog the x axis back and forth along the machine front (or granite square)  to ensure you are moving in the correct direction. 
  9. you will know the machine is square when the machine reads 0 across the length of the machine (or granite square).PLEASE NOTE: a tolerance of + or - 0.002" across the length of the table is acceptable.
  10. tighten and re assemble the bolts  perform a test cut and confirm machine is square. 
  11. if your machine is not square repeat the steps above until it is. Please note if your machine bed is out of square it is recommended you get a hold of a granite square before you try again.

Aligning a granite square

  1. place the granite square on the table the longer of the two axis should be parallel with the X axis.
  2. attach your dial indicator to the z axis and place the indicator tip on the left hand side of the granite square and jog your machine Y+ and Y- 
  3. adjust the position of the granite square  until the number on the indicator reads 0
  4. once the granite square is squared begin the process again in the Gantry squaring section. 

If you have any additional thoughts questions concerns or would like to schedule a phone call to go over squaring your machine please send an email to support@cancam.ca

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