C2 - main power and vacuum hook up

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Main Power:

The Controller Cabinet must be connected to 220V power in order to function correctly. The 220V power lines will need to be hooked up on site to the main breaker and the ground bar of the cabinet. 

DO NOT INSTALL/CONNECT THE POWER LINES WHILE WIRES ARE LIVE!! We recommend using a licensed electrician 

 Turn off power to the 220V outlet you wish to use to hook up the controller cabinet via the main breaker panel, and double check that power is off before you start. MAKE SURE connectors 1 goes to 1, 2 goes to 2, etc on the back of the CNC.


The main power inlet can be seen in the image above. There wire typically used is 3 conductor S0 10/3, that then feeds in through the hole highlighted in yellow above. This cable will need to be hooked up to your 220V outlet. 

To install the main power please plug the two hot lines into the bottom of the breaker as shown in the image bellow. 

Green wire (Green arrow) hooks up to ground bar located on left cabinet side doors

To hook up the vacuum pump, connect the hot lines into the corresponding connections on the thermal coupler. as seen in the image bellow.  

The ground wire connects to the ground bar located on the opposite side cabinet door. Connect the ground for main power and the vacuum pump to this bar. (as shown in the picture above this one)

For any additional Electrical information please see the follow electrical wire diagrams.

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