spindle tramming.

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There are two ways to tram your spindle.

first you will need to remove any covers or shrouds covering the spindle. ( Please be aware of any electrical buttons located on the cover that may need to be disconnected before you can remove the cover completely.

there will be 4 to 6 bolts holding your spindle to the z axis plate depending on your machine. if you can loosen these bolts slightly and power on your machine.

Remove any tool that may be in your spindle and begin to lower your spindle to the top of your machine bed. ( BLACK PVC TABLE) until it very gently adjust the bolts.

wiggle your spindle left and right to make sure it adjusts level to the machine bed.

Using alight shine it behind the nut on your spindle head and make sure that there is no light coming from the left and right sides.

If you notice light coming from one side but not the other adjust the spindle accordingly until even across left and right.

after this you will need to tighten the bolts in the spindle head.

Once this has been completed check for the light again to confirm that tightening the bolts has not caused an adjustment.

Lastly using your spoilboard surfacing bit test to see if your machine has been trammed successfully.

if your spindle is still out you can use the tools listed below as well as the video link to walk through tramming with the specific tools.

if  you are still having issues  the correct way to do this would be with the following tools.


and you will follow the steps in this video.


Please let me know your thoughts. we can also offer to come out and perform the tramming ourselves however we do have to charge for mileage and service. 

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