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Here is some website literature on the Masso system:

Here is a link to Masso youtube channel:

We have created a training video for using the Masso controller. This particular video features our C2-510ATC CNC machine:


1     Start up procedure        


  1. Ensure E stop on cabinet is in the open position; twist to release, green stripe shown.     

  2. Press the green button on your cabinet next to your E stop, this is the main power and will boot up your machine.     

  3. Your machine will prompt for:         

    1. Password : HTG

    2. MPG E stop test.  Depress and release the E stop button located on the MPG handheld unit. 

    3. Homing.  Click and hold the home button located bottom right of the screen. Hold until the button says “start”


2    Jogging and movement -  F3 Jog page        


  1. Screen Controls     

    1. X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+,Z- buttons, Step mode and Continuous mode.     

    2. Step mode moves the machine in the selected direction by a discrete amount ranging from .1 to .0005.  Choose the dimension followed by the direction. 

    3. Continuous mode moves the machine while the button is held.  You can control the speed with the slide bar back next to the feed section.     

  2. Keyboard controls.     

    1. Use the keyboard arrow keys for X & Y axes, U and D buttons will move your spindle Up and Down.    

    2. Holding Shift followed by the same keyboard controls will result in a Jog motion along these axes.     


3a    Workplace coordinates - current MASSO controllers    


  1. Jog the spindle to the desired starting position as defined in your CAD/CAM design.     

  2. Once at the desired starting location (typically the bottom left of your material.) select the X zero and Y zero (Z zero will be set by the calibration tool).

  3. To use multiple workplace coordinates you will use MDI mode to select G55 - G59 before selecting your X and Y zero.     

3b    Workplace coordinates - older MASSO controllers    


  1. Jog the spindle to the desired starting position as defined in your CAD/CAM design.     

  2. Once at the desired starting location (typically the bottom left of your material) press F4.

  3. Double click on the G54 row to open the pop up window

  4. Once at the desired starting location (typically the bottom left of your material.) select the X zero and Y zero (Z zero will be set by the calibration tool).

4    Tool calibration


    Auto tool change machines

  1. Confirm tool number in your F3 jog page located in the top right of your screen just below your XYZ coordinates.     

  2. Go to your F4 page and select the matching tool in the upper section of the screen by double clicking on the row (example, double click tool 1 row when tool 1 is located in the spindle)     

  3. Select the auto tool zero button in the pop up window.

  4. Click save.    

  5. Follow the tool change steps in MDI mode located below to change your tools.    

  6. Repeat these steps as needed.     


Once your tools are saved you will not have to recalibrate unless the tool is replaced.     


    Manual tool change machines         


  1. Once you home your machine it will automatically move to the fixed tool calibrator on your machine. NOTE: this will set the tool height to machine bed if your machine does not also have a removable touch probe.     

  2. If your machine comes with a probe you will need to go to your F3 jog page after machine homing    

  3. Select the probing section located to the right of your directional control buttons and a pop up window will appear.    

  4. Attach your removable probe and located in the desired location ( material surface or machine bed depending on how you have your program set up)     

  5. Jog your machine over your calibrator and select the center button in the square to perform a z tool calibration    

  6. Once completed hit save (newer MASSO controllers auto save the tool calibration to the G54 section in your workplace offsets so you don’t need to save)


5    MDI Mode        


  1. Method 1 - select your F2 Page - MDI button located in the bottom right corner of your screen.     

  2. Method 2 - press Ctrl + m in either F2 page or F3 page.    

  3. Once you have selected MDI mode, a pop up window will appear.     

  4. Select the whie box and type in the desired functions (see below for typical codes as well as a link that described additional compatible codes)     





Sxxxxx M03

start spindle

S followed by the desired RPM (example: S2000 M03) followed by pressing the enter key or run will tell the spindle to run at 2000 RPM



M05 will stop your spindle

Tx M06

Tool change

T followed by the desired tool number ( example: T2 M06) this will tell your machine to change to tool 2. Note: if you have tool 2 already in place it will not perform a tool change.)



6    Loading         


  1. Once you have posted out your file from your software you will need to save it onto a USB     

  2. Please ensure the USB is formated to FAT 32     

  3. Plug your USB into the MASSO USB slot.     

  4. Press F6 for load files page    

  5. Find the desired file and double click or single click followed by pressing the load button located in the bottom right of your screen

  6. Once your program is loaded you will see an image of the cut path appear in the main section of the screen. Yellow lines are cut lines and dotted grey lines are rapid lines.     


7     Verification        


  1. Press F3 for Jog Screen    

  2. The cross hair indicates spindle location in relation to the cut lines on your screen.  This allows you to confirm the exact location of your cut in relation to the material and any clamps or other areas to avoid.

  3. Press F2 (Programe and MDI page) and select “Go to Work Origin”

  4. Re load the file using steps 3 - 6 in the Loading section of this document.     


8    Running your program        


  1. Feedrate override. This feature allows you to manually adjust how quickly your machine will perform its movements.     

    1. Press F11 

    2. Use the dial on MPG to change the feed rate percentage, your feed rate percentage is displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Feedrate override may only be reduced from the speed specified in your G Code.

  2. Spindle speed override. This feature allows you to manually adjust the spindle speed on the fly    

    1. Press F12 

    2. Use the dial on your MPG to change the spindle RPM percentage.  The spindle speed can be adjusted up or down to a maximum of 150% programmed spindle speed or the spindle’s maximum RPM  

  3. Press “Single Block” button twice. ( First press will highlight the button yellow second will clear)

  4. Press “Cycle Start” to begin your cut.    

  5. Press “Feed Hold” to pause the cut followed by “Spindle Stop” if required.  

  6. Press “Spindle CW” followed by “Cycle Start” to resume

  7. Use the RED E STOP, if you are have any concerns about the cut, the machine or personal safety.  It is perfectly safe to do this and will not harm the machine in any way.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.  You can also call us at 1-888-510-2295 and ask for support.     

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