setting tool height for fly cutter

Modified on Mon, 04 Jan 2021 at 12:57 PM

  1. Ensure Flycutter is in spindle

  2. Go to the F1-Page and enter the password(Default is HTG)

  3. Select Auto tool zero from along the left-hand side of the screen

  4. In the Popup Menu uncheck the enable auto tool zero option and press save

  5. Go to the Jog Screen and using your mpg and a piece of paper slowly lower the z-axis to the bed of the machine until you can no longer freely slide the paper between the flycutter and the machine bed.

  6. Take note of the Z-Axis Machine coordinate located in the middle right-hand side box below the workplace coordinates. (This should be a negative value mostly likely more than -4 inches.)

  7. Take the Z-Coordinate noted above and subtract your G54 Z offset from it. Put the resulting number into the appropriate Tool offset manually (Say Z coordinate is -6.5 and G54 offset is -1.5 the resulting number is -5)

  8. Verify that your tool length is correct by returning to the jog page, now the workplace coordinate for Z should be 0 when the flycutter is pinching paper to the table.

  9. If everything looks good return to the F1 page and go back into the Autotool zero menu and Check the Enable Autotool Zero box and press save.

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