MIRA - Leveling laser bed

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please see the instructions bellow on leveling the bed.

1. raise your machine bed to to just below the Z position sensor.
2. open your lower drop down window so you can see the Z axis motor and belt. ( see image below.)
3. loosen the locking bolts for the belt tension system. please note it is in a slightly different location between the mira 9 and mira 7 however both systems are the same. ( see images below)
(Mira 7)

(MIRA 9)

4. back off the tension screws to loosen the belt. ( see images below.) 

NOTE: it is important to make a mental note of how tight the belt tension is before loosening the tension. Press on the belt with your hand to feel how much it moves with moderate pressure. When you apply tension to the belt again after everything has been re-assembled, you want to try and match the tension that the belt was originally set to. 

(Mira 7)

(Mira 9)

5. now that the tension has been removed use a dial caliper or another measuring tool with a slide to create a reference position from one corner of your machine bed. As shown in the images below.

5.1 using the top of your gantry as a reference get a locking measuring tool and press it against the top of the gantry and lock in your measurement. ( see images below. )

5.2 once your measuring device has been locked compare each corner of your machine to the top of the gantry, see images below.

5.3 If a corner is high or low (THE TOLERANCE IS 1MM - but try and get it as close to perfect) this can be adjusted individually by the ball screws located in each corner of your machine under your machine bed. ( see reference photo below. ). Pull the belt away from the sprocket on the ball screw. This will allow you to turn that particular ball screw and not effect any other ball screw. Turn that ball screw clockwise or counterclockwise to raise or lower the bed for that particular corner.

6. once all the corners are at the same height re tension your belt. NOTE: please double check that you didn't accidentally adjust your bed by checking each corner again. ( adjust as necessary.)
once all has been done test your machine in each corner to confirm proper function.

If you have any additional questions please contact us again at support@cancam.ca

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