ADD-ON Button Probe Installation (Rough)

Modified on Fri, 13 Aug 2021 at 03:52 PM

You are going to plug the wire with the red shrink tube into a red 24V power pin (labelled with a +) on the Masso. The other wire will be plugged into an Input pin of your choice. Then you will start up the Masso and go into your F1-Setup page and The pin you plugged the wire into should be showing a high signal. Double click the Input box and set it to Probe Input, then select the Probe input and invert the value such that it is now set to low.

To test that the Probe installation was successful press on the probe down gently with your finger and the input on the Setup page should change from low to high.

Next in the F3-Jog Screen on the right hand side press on the Probing button. You will need to set a probing feedrate, we usually set it to 20 or 25 ipm. Then you'll set a Z-Offset those probes are roughly 2.54" but you may need to tweak that for variations in the manufacturing process. 

To Use the probe open the probing screen and press the centre probing button in the middle of the 9 probing option grid this will begin to drop the spindle. Then place the probe below the tool you are probing and the tool will lower until it presses the button then return to the max spindle height. Be careful during your first time probing that the spindle doesn't press the button too far in it should just bounce off the top. If you see the button being pressed in too far press the E-stop.

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