Manual tool calibration for ATC

Modified on Mon, 22 Feb 2021 at 05:17 PM

  1. power on your machine

  2. select your f1 page and type in the password (HTG)

  3. on the lower left hand side of your screen where it says auto tool zero.

  4. select the icon and a pop up will appear

  5. select the checkbox and make sure the enable auto tool zero button is de selected ( without the check in the box) 

  6. click save.

  7. to Calibrate your tools you will find a location on your machine bed or on top of your spoil board.

  8. write down the X and Y machine coordinates located in the machine coordinates section in the right hand side of your screen. 

  9. slowly move your machine down with a tool in place. 

  10. once close ( turn on your vacuum pump or ensured clamping if using your spoilboard) to your machine bed take your mpg and select your Z axis and the smallest step size.

  11. with a piece of paper wiggle it under the tool bit while moving the z axis slowly down using your mpg dial.

  12. once the paper is pinched write down the z coordinate in your machine coordinates section on the right hand side of your screen.

  13. go to your f4 tools and offsets page

  14. select the corresponding tool to the one that your machine thinks it currently has in place.

  15. write down the z offset in the value section in the pop up window and hit save. 

  16. repeat these steps for all your other tools.

  17. To change tools press CTRL M to open MDI mode

  18. type in the tool change command T( whatever desired tool number you wish to change to) M06 ( ex T2 M06)

  19. once all your tools have been calibrated you will have to repeat these steps one more time  however instead of recording the z value press the z=0 button.

    Please Note: for best results use the exact same X and Y coordinates to calibrate all your tools.

    If you have any further questions please contact

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